Terms & Conditions

Adverse weather & Safety Precautions

i.The swimming instructor and the pool authority reserve the exclusive rights to cancel or postpone the swimming lessons during bad weather conditions, for safety reasons.
ii.Due to any unforeseen circumstances, once the class has commenced and has to be called off in the middle of a lesson, land-drills exercise, water safety theory or Q&A session may be conducted in replacement of the usual practical lessons (including all situations when it is not suitable to conduct any pool-based lesson).


Attendance & Make Up Policy

For Happy Fish Group Lesson

i.Happy Fish group lesson’s schedule is fixed and there will be no compensations or make-up lessons for bad weather, absenteeism or student’s late coming.
ii.Only for kid’s group class, June and December school holiday (up to 2 weeks break), replacement lessons will be provided for those who are going overseas for holiday. A copy of the traveling document need to be submitted to us via email, min 2 weeks before the traveling date.

For Freelance Coach Group Lesson

i.Freelance coach group lesson schedule is fixed and there will be no compensation or make up lesson provided for bad weather, absenteeism, late coming or cancellation of any sort.

For Private Lesson

i.Lost time due to the student’s late coming will not be compensated or replaced. If the lost time is due to the closure of the swimming pool (bad weather, SEA Games, private event, etc), please discuss with the instructor for best arrangement (change location or reschedule lesson).
ii.The student needs to inform the instructor as soon as a cancellation is confirmed (at least 2 hours before scheduled lesson time), and arrange directly with the instructor to reschedule the lesson.
iii.The student is required to arrange for all 4 lessons to be completed within 6 weeks time (include rescheduling of lessons). Failure to do so may result in the outstanding lessons to be forfeited.
* The instructors may ask for the lesson to be cancelled on the following public holidays:

  • Official Public Holidays of Singapore
  • Chinese New Year Eve
  • Chinese New Year, Day 1 to Day 3 of lunar calendar



Upon registration, Happy Fish will reserve the slot for 3 days. Student is required to make first month / term payment in full via Internet Banking, ATM Transfer, Cash Deposit or Cheque payment within 3 days to confirm the reserved slot.



For Public Swimming Complex

i.Anyone who wishes to enter the swimming complex has to purchase his entrance ticket from the ticketing machine or customer service counter.
ii.Singaporeans / Permanent residents may activate their ActiveSG account online or at the customer service counter to receive $100 credit, which can be used to enter the swimming complex.

For Private Condo / Club

i.Students are required to pay for any deposit, entrance or parking fees (if applicable) for the instructor.
ii.As different condo management has their own set of policy for swimming lessons conducted at their premises, students are encouraged to check with the condo management before engaging a private swimming instructor to conduct lessons at their condo pool.
iii.For student who stays in Sentosa Island, there will be an additional transport charge of S$40 occured for every 4 lessons.


Happy Fish Group Class

i.Happy Fish group class is conducted by Happy Fish selected swimming instructors.
ii.The schedule of class is fixed for 12 consecutive weeks lesson, excluding public holidays.
iii.To ensure that everyone in a class progresses at the same pace, the school will re-allocate students to a more suitable class at any point of time.
iv.There will be no compensation or make up lesson if the pool is closed due to bad weather or any natural disaster that is out of the school’s control. However, the instructor will continue to conduct on-land lessons (such as SwimSafer theory, stroke correction and drills, etc) while on standby to continue the lesson as soon as the pool is deemed safe for swimming. Lesson will be continue as per usual under drizzling rain condition.
v.The school will invite students from the Kids Group Classes to participate in the SwimSafer assessment when his / her instructor deems that the student is ready for the assessment. Parents will be responsible to register and pay for their test fee involved, if interested to participate in the assessment.
vi.The school reserves the right to postpone the start date of any new class for up to 4 weeks, if the class size does not meet minimum requirement.
vii.The school reserves the right to merge different classes of similar level together, if the class size is less than minimum requirement.



Student is required to serve at least 2 weeks notice to withdraw from the ongoing swimming lessons.

Refund Policy

i.Any request for a refund must be made either 7 days before the first lesson or 7 days after making the payment, whichever should come first.
ii.Should the request for a refund be made either less than 7 days before the first lesson or more than 7 days after making the payment, Happy Fish will only provide a 50% refund of the amount paid.
iii.There is strictly no refund once lessons commenced.
iv.It is the student’s responsibility to understand the refund policy before registering any lessons with Happy Fish Swim School Pte Ltd.
Scenario 1:Lesson is scheduled for 11th June and payment was made on 1st June. The FULL refund will only be made if the customer request is made by 4th June (7 days before the first lesson). If the request is made after 4th June, customer will only receive 50% of the total payment made.
Scenario 2:Lesson is scheduled for 25th June and payment was made on 1st June. The FULL refund will only be made if the customer request is made by 8th June (7 days after making the payment). If the request is made after 8th June, customer will only receive 50% of the total payment made.
Scenario 3:Lesson is scheduled for 7th June and payment was made on 1st June (less than 7 days before the first lesson). There will be no FULL refund available. If any request is made, customer will only receive 50% of the total payment made.
Scenario 4:Lesson is scheduled for 4th June and payment was made on 1st June. If the customer were to request for a refund anytime after 4th June, there will be strictly NO refund (no refund once lessons commence).

Fee Transfer Policy

Fees are not transferable to any third parties.

Cancellation, Postponement or Relief of Group Lesson

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Happy Fish reserves the rights to cancel, postpone or send a relief swimming instructor if your swimming instructor is unavailable for lesson that week.

Temporary Discontinuation

Students are required to place a one month deposit to reserve their instructor’s slot if they need to temporarily discontinue the swimming lessons for more than a month.

Swimming Equipment

Student is required to prepare the necessary swimming equipments (such as swimming attire, goggles, float board, swim cap, etc) for the lessons.


We will not be held responsible for any claims arising out of any injury, damage or loss of life while attending this course and this includes all cost, and expenses incurred as a result of such claims.

Happy Fish Swim School Pte Ltd reserves the right to alter terms and conditions without prior notice.