Fishing is one of the most popular past times in New Zealand. The people there enjoy taking their dinghy out to the sea to find a nice spot to fish. A dinghy is similar to a small inflatable rubber boat, which runs on motor. It looks something like that:

However, we are all aware of how unpredictable the open waters can be. There is no telling when strong waves will occur. Unfortunately for these two fishermen, who were fishing somewhere off Oakura, the weather picked up and flooded their dinghy before killing off their motor. After trying to save their dinghy for about an hour, the pair realised that it was to no avail. Hence, they decided to abandon their boat and swim to shore. We have always emphasized the importance of having swimming knowledge and skills. This shows us a classic example of how essential it is to learn swimming.

Thankfully for them, they had life jackets on, which made a huge difference in their two hours swim back to shore. In all, they spent a total of three hours in the water. Without the life jackets on, chances are that they would not be able to make it. At least with a life jacket on, they are able to stay afloat and concentrate on progressing forward. If they didn’t have any on, they would be struggling to stay afloat and would probably take longer than two hours. By then, they would have already lost their energy. Even with a life jacket on, one of them didn’t have enough strength to swim the entire way. The other guy had to assist him and pull him along. You can read more about the article here.

Based on this article, it is clear that by having swim skills, it can actually save your life. The next important thing to be highlighted is always ensure that you have a life jacket with you when you head out to the open waters. Also, keep in mind that the open waters are unpredictable unlike that of the swimming pool. With a life jacket on, you can definitely buy yourself much more time.

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