GodFinger is a very popular game on IPhone. You are given a chance to become the god and create your world. You can create hills and ponds. You can also create flood and thunder.

So I created a few ponds with terraform power and my followers started to fish in the pond. What I didn’t know about the game is all the followers are not able to swim, they were drowning once you put them into the pond. Luckily it’s just a game. Or else I will become the murderer.

When I was playing the game, something struck my mind.

What if everyone in the world know how to swim? What if swimming become an activity that everyone must do for their daily life just like reading newspaper? Will it decrease the death rate and creates a healthier society? Will that makes a difference?

You should try the game too 🙂 Just search for GodFinger from your IPhone. It’s free anyway!

The GodFinger followers can't swim