Why are swimming assessments or tests important? Well, think of it this way, what will life in school be like without examinations? Will you actually study hard or will you just take it easy as you are guaranteed advancing to the next year? Chances are that we will most likely take it lightly as we won’t have anything to worry about. This theory applies to swimming assessments too. Without the tests, you won’t be able to access your own strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, you might not even be aware if you are using incorrect techniques and/or making mistakes.


Apart from that, these swimming tests could potentially save your life. Based on this article, by missing a swimming assessment, it may have caused the drowning of this victim. If he had attended the test, the instructor might be able to spot his weaknesses and mistakes, which could potentially save his life. Hence, it is crucial to attend all the assessments that your instructor recommends to you.

In Singapore, we have our very own SwimSafer syllabus. The assessments are usually held once every 3 months and there are a total of 6 stages to be completed. The SwimSafer syllabus allows students to skip stages and proceed to the next test. However, we would strongly recommend you to complete all the stages if possible. With each completed stage, you will be ready for the next phase and gain more confidence as well. You will also receive a certificate upon completion.


With each certificate that you receive, it represents a milestone in your swimming progress. Therefore, it gives you more reasons not to miss these milestones. Interested in signing your child up for swimming lessons to get them ready for these assessments? Why not try Happy Fish Swim School? We have various classes available for different age groups and we are pretty sure that you can find one that’s suitable, so don’t miss out on your chance!