Remember that very first step you took into the pool? It felt like stepping into foreign land didn’t it? You basically didn’t know what to expect. The soothing waters touching your feet and making you relax. Then you realise, “I’m unable to swim”. You made a promise to yourself and that was to take up lessons so you’ll be able to swim just like everyone around you

I can’t speak for everyone, but this was my very own experience with swimming. The first time my mum ever brought me and my sister to the swimming pool was when I was around Primary 2, which was like 7 or 8 years old. My sister was 3 years older than me, still is in fact. Anyway, my mum had signed up group lessons for us. I remember clearly that it was quite a big group with children of all different standards. I had a phobia, not of the water, but of putting my head underwater. The experience with that instructor didn’t help in anyway. In fact, it made things worse. I gave up on learning swimming. However, I don’t hold it against that instructor because maybe I wasn’t mature enough yet.

3 years passed and I decided to give swimming a chance again. I told my mum that I wanted to try again, but possibly elsewhere. Well I was still anxious and afraid on my first lesson even though it was with a different instructor at a different venue. I told myself I have to have confidence to overcome my fear. I took lesson after lesson to overcome that fear alone. It paid off, something I would say money can never buy. The best feeling I had was being able to complete a lap in the pool without assistance from anyone. It was a sense of accomplishment, probably one of the landmarks in my life.

Today, I’m already 23 and that joy of swimming never goes away. I’m able to swim freely back and forth with no worries or concerns. Sometimes it feels like I’ve conquered swimming, not in an arrogant sense, but in the sense that “I did it”. Whenever I see the look on the faces of parents when their kids are able to swim is simply priceless. They feel so overwhelmed and happy for their child. Here’s the thing, whatever the parents feel can never be compared to the feelings of their child who is finally capable of swimming. I’ve been there and I’ve done that. I know how it feels and the joy of swimming.

You don’t have to be embarrassed even if you’re an adult and have yet to learn swimming. The joy of swimming is for everyone to enjoy and nobody should be excluded from it. I want you to feel the exact same way I felt when I was finally able to swim. It’s the experience that truly counts, not the money or time spent on learning it.

Why Happy Fish? Firstly, it offers premier classes for your kids. This would mean that everyone of the same level starts learning at the same pace and time. Unlike the class with my first instructor, your child would not feel intimidated by the rest who already know how to swim. Secondly, it offers private one-to-one class. If you’re embarrassed or if you feel that more attention is required, then this is the perfect choice for you. Furthermore, you can even have it at the comfort of your own Condominium, at your preferred day and time. Please wait no more!

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