Everybody knows that there are various strokes when it comes to swimming. This post is dedicated to some of the more popular swim strokes used in competitions as well as other swim strokes that aren’t as well known.


Popular Swimming Strokes

Breaststroke: This is probably the most basic of all strokes. It is normally the first stroke taught to beginners. It’s not as challenging compared to other strokes as it allows the swimmer to keep their head above the water. By doing so, it allows them to avoid any breathing or visibility problems. Although it is the most popular stroke among beginners, it is considered to be the slowest of all.


Freestyle (Front Crawl): This swimming stroke is normally the preferred choice for advance swimmers. Why is this so? It is the fastest stroke by far, compared to the rest. Apart from that, it is the most energy-efficient stroke. If you notice, most triathletes tend to adopt this style in their triathlons.


Backstroke: In my opinion, the backstroke is one of the best strokes for relaxation. By being able to float on your back while glancing up into the sky, what more can you ask for? Doctors have recommend individuals experiencing back problems to give the backstroke a try as it is an excellent workout for the back.


Butterfly: This is probably the most challenging stroke to master among all. It requires more energy and stamina compared to the rest as well. However, most swimmers still consider the freestyle to be faster than the butterfly.


Other Swimming Strokes

Side Stroke: You might be wondering how does the side stroke look like? This stroke is better known among lifeguards as it is use to rescue victims. It involves using a scissor kick and asymmetric arm movements. You won’t be able to see this swim stroke in competitions as they do not use it. However, it is an easy stroke to learn and it brings a change to your swimming routine.


Elementary Backstroke: Just like the backstroke, this swimming stroke is swum on your back. The difference is that it uses the kicking style of the breaststroke and a synchronous water arm stroke. As it is much easier to learn, this stroke is usually taught before the actual backstroke itself.


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