So he didn’t manage to do very well in Singapore and Beijing. However, Ian Thorpe didn’t give up! He proceeded to Tokyo in an attempt to reclaim his throne. How did he fair? Let’s find out.

If you still remembered, his timing for the 100m butterfly heats in Beijing was 54.35 seconds, more than 2 seconds behind the fastest qualifier. This time in Tokyo, he managed to cut down his timing by nearly a second, reducing it to 53.59 seconds. However, he was still slightly above 2 seconds behind the fastest qualifier. As for the 100m freestyle heats, his timing was 0.76 seconds faster than in Beijing. However, he only managed to finish in 12th place overall. Hence, he didn’t manage to qualify through for both events once again. This is his third failed attempt in qualifying for the finals on his comeback. How did he felt about it?

Based on this article by BBC, the Australian is still satisfied with his own performance. Although this is his third failed attempt in qualifying for the finals, he isn’t too concern about it. He feels that he still stands a chance to qualify for next year’s London Olympics.

According to a report by the Daily Mail UK, Ian Thorpe has mentioned that he is in his best form ever and has even told his rivals to keep an eye for him as he is only starting to warm up. However, the most significant thing for him was that through his comeback, he was able to rediscover his love and passion for swimming!

A champion will always be a champion. Will he be able to qualify for the London Olympics? Only time will tell.

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