There are many champions who choose to retire when they are at their prime. There are also champions who stage a comeback to prove that they can still be at the top. Ian Thorpe, Australia’s swimming legend, failed in his attempt to do so in Singapore. You can read more about that HERE. Despite his failure, he did not give up! He chose to continue on in Beijing.

This time, the events he competed in included the 100m butterfly, 100m freestyle and 100m individual medley. Many of his competitors grew up watching him and took him as their role model. However, can he lift up to expectations?

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to do so. He didn’t manage to qualify for both the 100m freestyle and 100m individual medley on Tuesday. As for the 100m butterfly, he came up short and was placed 13th place in the heats. You can read more about it HERE. Being already in his late 20s, to be exact 29, it isn’t easy for him to compete against all the energetic youngsters.

However, the Thorpedo isn’t about to give up just yet. He will still be competing in Tokyo over the weekends as he is trying to set a match up between himself and American superstar, Michael Phelps for the London Olympics in 2012. Will his perseverance and determination pay off? Or would it be one of those insignificant comebacks that most people would not remember in a few years time? Check back next week to see how he fairs in Tokyo.

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