In an attempt to promote swimming as a lifelong fitness activity, Inspirational Sports Stories, an online sports website, recently showcased tips from Scott Tucker, the host of “Expedition New England”, on how snorkeling can actually be a great alternative to competition to assist in keeping kids interested in swimming.

Scott first explained the importance of finding ways that can help capture the imagination of children and getting them to think about their local environment. In fact, he recommends taking children out to fresh and clear waterways, so that they will be able to snorkel. While snorkeling, they will also be able to have a closer look at plants and animals in their own natural environment. At the same time, these kids will be able to learn more about the food chain and ecosystems. Such an experience for youths will enable them to realise the significance of conservation as well as keep them interested in swimming.

Let’s also not forget that freshwater snorkeling adventures have an added advantage. They have the ability to help children in strengthening and gaining new swimming skills. It is the fun element in snorkeling that will keep children interested in swimming, even if they do not choose to pursue it on a competitive level. Although most clear fresh waterway such as ponds, brooks, rivers, streams, and lakes are suitable for snorkeling, the most ideal condition will still be those of rivers and streams that are about waist deep.

Learning to swim is an essential safety skill for life. Swimming in a public pool is also an excellent aerobic exercise. However, the problem with this is that children tend to get bored after a certain period. This is the difference freshwater snorkeling can make as it helps to keep children excited about swimming throughout their life. Furthermore, snorkeling is not just ideal for teaching swimming skills, it is also a good method of drawing their interest to science. When both animals and plants are being brought up close and personal to kids, they will be able to have a hands on learning experience. This will effectively increase their desire to learn about more than just science and nature. If you would like to read further, be sure to check out the full story here.

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