Ignore the Time

Swim slowly instead of racing against the clock. This is a great workout to lose weight. People normally think that in order to burn more fats, they need to swim faster and longer distances. However, this isn’t necessarily always the case.


The most effective way to lose fat is through gentle aerobic exercises. Instead of rushing to beat the clock, relax and enjoy the movement in the water as well as encountering its resistance. See this as a form of meditation to help in de-stressing.


Focus on Technique Rather Than Fitness


In order to have a good fitness exercise, you’ll need to get the technique right first. Remember, without proper techniques, you’ll just be wasting your time in the water and not performing to your best ability.


If you intend to train for a triathlon, remember that in the future your technique would probably be your greatest need. However, most aspiring triathletes usually concentrate on their fitness level rather than their technique. I think most people would agree that swimming merely for fitness can get boring easily. On the other hand, working on your technique is much more encouraging and rewarding.


Interval Training

Interval training can help in motivating you to complete your desired distances even without glancing at the clock. If you have a goal of swimming 20 or 30 laps, you might get discouraged even before stepping into the pool. However, if you decide to break it down into intervals like perhaps 5 or 6 sets of 4 laps each, you will be more encouraged to complete your swim and enjoy it even more!


As you’re doing only 4 laps per set, you’ll probably work hard and put in more effort as compared to 20 or 30 laps at one shot. After completing a set, take a short break before proceeding to the next set. You can use the clock to keep track of your timings for every set to see if you’re able to maintain a constant pace. However, try not to get too obsessed with that clock that you totally forget about your technique.


Aim for Shorter Distances

As mentioned earlier, aerobic exercises is the key to a healthy fitness level. So with that in mind, how much distance do you actually need to cover? Normally people would tell you to aim higher to achieve greater things. However, that’s not always an accurate assessment.


For swimming, it’s better to aim low and be satisfied with what you’re able to accomplish. Instead of swimming 20 laps once a week, try doing 10 laps twice a week. This will require probably less than half an hour per session. In that way, you’ll be more motivated and look forward to your next session every time.


Relax, Enjoy and Play

Apart from swimming, try to relax and play in the water. This may include floating on your back, rolling in the water or others. It may appear silly, but the truth is that we learn through play.


Your strokes depend on your ability to rotate in the water. By rolling from one end to the other end of the pool, it can help improve your movements and techniques for swimming. When you go back to normal swimming, it has the potential to help improve your strokes.

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