For those of you who haven’t read about the drowning case in Bintan, this incident happened over the weekends. However, this acts as a reminder for everyone who wishes to swim in the open waters. Always remember that the open waters are unpredictable and are definitely not like those in our public swimming complexes.

This is indeed a tragic accident and lost to the families of the two men. The incident occurred when three men were swimming off Indonesia’s Sumatra island on Saturday. They were met with high waves and were dragged out to sea. One of them managed to swim back to shore to rally help from the locals. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it in time to find the other two men. Their bodies were only discovered the next day. The three men were followers of the moderate Tabligh movement, whose missionaries travel around the globe to preach Islam. According to the police, they have been there for 40 days.

This goes to show that one should never underestimate the waves in open waters. Even if you are confident in your own abilities to swim out in the open waters, always remember that there is a stronger force that you won’t be able to control. Hence, it is always recommended never to venture too far out. Ideally, try to remain near the shore, where you can actually stand up and still have your chest above the water. If you feel yourself drifting further away, at least you will still be able to stand up and walk back to shore. However, if you’re too far out, you might not even be able to shout for help.

Many people love the outdoors and nature as it is, but one should never risk his or her life. The water may seem still and calm on the surface, but you’ll never know what lies beneath. Furthermore, drowning is a silent killer and can take place in just a few seconds. Therefore, you should NEVER take your chances.

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