Hi, thanks for reading this article. An adventurous swimmer like me and probably you as well, will always want to try out the open water swimming. I have had several experiences and incidents happen during my open water swimming. Now, I’m going to share this with you and I hope it benefits you!

#1 Never Swim Alone

It is going to be dangerous if you are doing open water swimming alone. Mother nature is very unpredictable. You will never know what can happen even if you are a strong swimmer. Before you swim, you can do all necessary arrangements for every possible problem, but trust me, it is always possible that something is not within your control. So, do inform lifeguard on duty, let them know your plan before your start your swim. If there is no lifeguard, then please ask your friend along.

#2 Check the temperature

Test the water temperature before you swim. It is going to be difficult for a swimmer if the water is freezing cold. You are advised to wear a wet suit to swim in cold water. It prevents you from muscle cramps and a running nose. Do not swim for too long in a cold water – then it will be difficult for you to stop shivering and you can suffer from jaw/teeth ache after that.

#3 Do stretch and warm up before you swim

This will give a signal to your muscle that they are going to work hard. It prevents muscle cramp during the swim. It is very dangerous if you cramp in the middle of open water swimming. As nobody could notice you easily. So, do spend 10-20 minutes to do the stretch and warm up before you swim.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope that this article benefits you.

Tan Jian Yong is the founder of Happy Fish Swim School – Singapore Swimming Lessons He was formerly a Malaysia swimmer who compete in several international competition.

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