Last Friday, two men were forced to swim to safety after their vehicle was swept away by strong currents. At many times, we tend to underestimate how strong and unpredictable water currents can get. In fact, most of us do not even take it into consideration until we are faced with the situation itself. This incident is a clear example of how two men put their lives at risk by ignoring the fact that water currents can be dangerous.

The driver, a 32-year-old teacher from Sarawak along with his passenger, aged 28, were believed to be heading towards Kota Kinabalu from Tamparuli town when the incident first took place at 11pm. After further investigations were carried out, it was learnt that the duo were both unfamiliar with the district. Hence, they both mutually agreed to take the only route that they knew to the city centre. This route required them to cross a bridge even though it was being submerged in water.

The decision for them to take that route eventually turned out to not be a wise one and probably one that would remind them to be aware of water currents in future. The Toyota Rav 4 that they were in was swept by strong water currents. The impact was so strong and hard that it knocked their vehicle off the bridge and into the river, while both of them were still inside. Thankfully, they were able to save themselves by swimming onto the riverbank. Afterwards, they were being attended by both the police as well as a team from the Fire and Rescue Department. If you would like to read more about the story, you can do so over here.

Happy Fish Swim School would like to remind all of our readers not to take such things likely. Even if that is the only route you know to get to your destination, it is simply pointless to put your life at risk as you might end up not getting there either. They will definitely be locals or others around who can provide you with more information. Furthermore, this incident took place late at night when there is probably little or even no light. These two were extremely fortunate to get to safety and to get the police and the Fire and Rescue Department to come to their aid.

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