Before anyone decides on learning to swim, they have to understand the importance of water safety. This is particularly essential for children. If you were to follow these basic rules, then having a safe swim wouldn’t be a problem for you.

The first and foremost thing to take note of is to ensure that an adult is around to supervise children who are unable to swim on their own, especially those who are below five years old. As long as they are close to the water, even if they aren’t inside yet, it would be wise for an adult to keep a lookout for them. If they are in the water, an adult has to be in the water with them to hold them. At all times, the adult should maintain a close distance to the child, within arm’s length. This does not necessarily have to be yourself. It would be ideal, but sometimes during a swim class, it might distract your child from learning. Hence, if you are not the one in the pool with your child, make sure that it is a certified instructor who is capable of handling your child.

Apart from swimming complexes, if you venture out to lakes or anywhere else, try to put on a life vest for the child. Open waters are always unpredictable and at times, we are unable to determine the depth of the water. By having a life jacket on for them, it prevents them from sinking and drowning should they get pulled away from you.

For those children who are a little older and have at least some swimming skills, you can watch them from the edge of the baby pool. However, do not take your eyes off them as drowning can occur within seconds. Before allowing them to enter the pool on their own, always pay attention to your surroundings. Firstly, check to make sure that there is a lifeguard on duty. Secondly, make sure that the water is shallow and doesn’t go above their heads when they are standing. Thirdly, put on arm floats for them for obvious safety reasons. It is crucial that you keep them away from the deep end of the pool until they have the ability to swim on their own without any form of aid. For more information, read the full article here.

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