Swimming Canada, the Canadian Red Cross, Lifesaving Society Canada and the Canadian Medical Association have come together to form Canada’s Swim Team. All these four national organisations are partnering together to launch Getswimming.ca, an online website of the first ever Canada-wide initiative to teach every Canadian child how to swim.



Canada’s Swim Team encourages all Canadians to learn to swim. Their aim is for every child in Canada to have the ability to swim for at least 25 metres, without stopping, by elementary school. Every year, there are cases of Canadian children drowning as they are either not equipped with swimming skills or are not being properly supervised. In reality, most of these drowning incidents or near drowning incidents can be prevented. “Basic swimming ability is a fundamental requirement in any meaningful attempt to eliminate drowning in Canada. Learning to swim when you’re young gives you a lifesaving skill for life,” stated Ed Bean, communications director for the Lifesaving Society.

“The Canadian Red Cross is thrilled to be involved with the launch of Swimming Canada’s Getswimming.ca initiative. Drowning is the second leading cause of preventable death for children younger than 10, but recent Canadian Red Cross research shows only 3 per cent of children who drowned in Canada were identified as strong swimmers. Swimming lessons save lives, and are particularly important in cases where a child enters the water unexpectedly, which is often the case in child drownings,” explained Shelley Dalke, manager, national swimming and water safety programs for the Canadian Red Cross.

Aside from being a lifesaving skill, swimming is also considered to be one of the best overall exercises for cardiovascular health, flexibility and endurance. As Canada is facing an epidemic of childhood obesity, Canada’s Swim Team encourages Canadians to incorporate swimming into their lifestyle. “Canada is a nation of lakes, rivers and three seashores. Ensuring that all Canadian children can swim is critical for safety and to prevent injury and death by drowning. Swimming also happens to be a tremendous way to get exercise. Initiatives such as getswimming.ca can also help reverse the rising obesity rates in our children,” said Dr. Anna Reid, president of the Canadian Medical Association. For the rest of the story, you can refer here.

Canada is not the only country focusing on such water safety initiative. In Singapore, the government has already made it compulsory for all students in primary school to have basic swimming skills. However, if one wishes to go for more advanced swimming lessons or to pick up more techniques, they can do it on their own. Happy Fish Swim School offers a variety of swimming lessons for all.