An 86 year old women in America did exactly just that! Mary Lee Fine was trying to get into her car via the passenger seat as the entrance to her driver’s seat was being blocked by another car. Unfortunately, the car went into drive and reversed all the way in the pool! You can read the full article HERE.

Yes, things like that do happen. Obviously, prevention is better than cure, but sometimes we’ll never know when things are going to malfunction. The only way we can take extra precaution in this scenario is through protecting ourselves first. This brings us back to Swimming. Imagine a scenario where no one was around to help the poor lady. What would have happened? If she didn’t know how to swim and started panicking, chances are that she might have drown!

This clearly justifies how crucial swimming truly is to every individual, regardless of age. You may be a child, an adult or even a senior citizen like this lady, but no matter what, it is still vital to have such a life skill as you’ll never know when you might need and/or use it just like her. Obviously, the younger you possess the life skill, the better it is as you’ll never know when accidents (that is not even your own fault) might occur.

Therefore, if you have yet to attain such a helpful life skill known as swimming, maybe you should consider doing so. The school holidays are approaching soon, if you’re a student then it would be the perfect timing to pick up the skill especially since you’ll be having your fair share of available time.

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