This year, Happy Fish introduced Premier Swimming Lessons for toddlers, kids, and adults. The response has been overwhelming, and many people have been asking about what is included in the school’s Premier Swimming Lessons.

With years of experience in running the swim school, we realized that the typical swimming class may not suit everyone. For example, the progress may not be up to many parents’ expectations. We believe that the main reason is because of newcomers joining the class once or twice in a month. In order to maintain an average class level, the instructor has to pay more attention to new students to get them caught up with the rest. Due to their slower progress, those better performing students prefer a class with a higher, more challenging level. This means that with someone always leaving, another person has to come in to fill the class. Hence, the cycle goes on and on.

We at Happy Fish have decided for a big change. For all our classes, we fixed the start date and the lesson time so that everyone would start together, progress together, go for assessments together, and enjoy swimming together. Hence, that would mean no interruptions from newcomers!

In order to achieve this, all of our swimming classes have been converted into a term basis. Each term is 12 lessons long, which means that every student in the same class will go through SwimSafer programme stage by stage. Every stage takes 12 to 24 lessons to complete. Upon completion of each stage, every student will receive a certificate, badge, and pins to mark their achievements.

For our current Premier Class members, we’d like to say thank you very much for your support. You will soon receive calls from our friendly coordinator to arrange for the conversion to this new programme. Should you need any assistance, kindly e-mail us at: [email protected]