Today, when I tuned in to the most famous local radio station, YES 933FM, I was interested in their conversation because it was something related to swimming. They were talking about the most awkward moment in the swimming pool. It is kind of interesting when everyone shares their awkward experiences on the air.

There was one guy who went in the swimming pool with his friends. There were three slides with different heights. The man enjoyed the slides quite awhile until he realized his friends were playing on the low height slides only. When he looked at them, they were laughing at him. He was very curious and wanted to know why they were laughing. Guess what? It’s because when he was playing on the very high slides, the friction had burned a big hole his swimming trunks. The moral of the story: don’t buy cheap stuff; it’s just not worth it!

Then, there was someone who learned swimming from a swimming coach. She was a total beginner and a water-phobic. During the first lesson, she was learning to balance inside the swimming pool. To do this meant walking along the pool, holding her swimming instructor’s hand. Then, suddenly she slipped and pulled her instructor’s swimming trunk off! I am not sure if the people nearby saw this, but I am sure the first thing that the instructor did was let go of this student and pull his swimming trunks up!

Lastly, there were two people who went swimming together–one beginner and one who already knew how to swim. So, the beginner stayed inside the pool to observe the other one swim. After the swimmer finished her lap, her friend, the beginner, told her quietly, “Hey, you peed inside the pool.” The swimmer denied it, however. The beginner continued, “But I saw yellowish liquid coming out from there!” Oops! This story tell us that if you plan on peeing in the pool, drink more water to take the yellow out of your pee and kick harder when swimming to get away from the evidence.

I hope you enjoyed these jokes. Please let me know your awkward swimming pool stories. I’m sure our readers would enjoy hearing them!  We all look forward to hearing your own embarrassing moments.

Learning to swim should always be fun and happy. Remember to learn swimming with your BIG SMILE!