Dear Swimming Enthusiast,

After graduating from swimming lesson, or if you are already a strong swimmer, you may actually consider…

1. Becoming a lifeguard

2. Becoming a swimming instructor

So, what’s so special to become a lifeguard or swimming instructor?

Lifeguard’s duty is to watch over the safety of all swimmers in the swimming pool or in the sea. It is very important as they need to know how to react when swimmers are in danger or drowning. The pay for a lifeguard is pretty good as well. It is around SGD7 – SGD15 an hour.

Swimming instructor teaches people from all ages to equip themselves with swimming knowledge. They have to know how to conduct the swimming lessons and be creative with it. The average income for swimming instructor is around SGD30 – SGD50 an hour.

So, how to go about it?

Lifeguard – Sign up lifesaving courses from local provider. You may need to go through Lifesaving 1,2,3 and acquire a Bronze Medallion in order to become a lifeguard.

Swimming Instructor -You have 3 paths to go.

1. You may approach Singapore Sports Council (SSC) for their NCAP Theory and Technical courses

2. Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association (SSTA) for BTC and STC course.

3. Austswim for Austswim certification.

However, only SSC certified swimming instructors can teach in public swimming complex.

That is all for my suggestion. I hope this can be useful to you.

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Good luck!