Swimming 16 hours non-stop was definitely a very special moment for Chloe McCardel. Just last year, the marathon swimmer was forced to abandon a swim from Cuba to Florida after a encounter with jellyfish, which left her in excruciating pain after multiple stings.

“I’m not tired yet; I want to go out and party. It’s very luxurious. I’m used to being thrown in the elements, like wildlife, box jellyfish, and sharks and freezing cold water and big waves. But here it’s beautiful, it’s controlled; we control the water temperature. It’s balmy,” she stated upon completing the swim. Chloe’s actually began on Saturday at midnight when most people are already tucked up in bed. Her husband was present at the event to support her along with a sports official from Triathlon Australia, who was there to ensure that Chloe kept to the rules such as not intentionally touching the sides or the bottom.

This swim felt pretty vigorous but at the same time, it was far better than what Chloe had endured last June when she attempted the swim from Cuba to Florida. Fortunately, this time around, Chloe didn’t have to deal with jellyfish, sharks or even the scorching sun. However, she had to go for an hour swimming in the dark. According to her, she felt that anything could have happened this time such as a power outrage. Aside from that, she also had quite a fair bit of thinking time to herself. “I counted my strokes to 7,850 or something and then I got sick of that. And then I played word association games. I just kind of played little games with myself to keep my mind active,” she explained.

Chloe’s parents are very proud of the determination that their daughter possess. “[She] just works hard at it. But she loves what she does. That’s important in life. You’ve got to love what you do, especially with this type of work,” said Bill McCardel, her father. At the moment, Chloe is already thinking about her next challenge, which is a 200-kilometre ocean swim. As a matter of fact, she intends to accomplish this ocean swim later this year. For more of the story, you can check it out here.

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