Setting a world record is far from easy when it comes to swimming or in fact, any other sports. So you can imagine how tough it was for Kathryn Nevatt who broke the world record for swimming underwater on a single breath. In total, she managed to complete a distance of 164m, while staying underwater the whole time.

Kathryn Nevatt is a freediver who thought she had the world record in the bag when she smashed it by 4 meters in Masterton. However, her joy was short-lived after she was being disqualified by judges. International judge Grant Graves, Auckland judge John Wright and official video recorder Paul Smilie came to the decision after watching the entire replay of her underwater swim. According to them, they believe that Kathryn lost consciousness somewhere during the swim.

Although Kathryn tried to protest against the decision, it was to no avail. The judges still stood by their decision. Their decision was based upon the replay, showing that Kathryn lost consciousness when she dipped her head as she swam underwater. After viewing the video of her swim once again, the judges continue to uphold their decision. The swim was taken place at the Genesis Recreation Centre pool yesterday morning, where Kathryn managed to swim a total of more than six laps. In fact, it was her third attempt at breaking the world record. Unfortunately, it just was not meant to be once again.

Despite the unfortunate disqualification, Kathryn is not about to give up just yet. She has already plan to rest for a day before heading back to attempt the record yet again on Tuesday. For the full story, do check it out over here. Her determination is rather admirable, considering that despite all that she has gone through so far, she is still going to persist on till she breaks the world record. As mentioned, this is not an easy task for anyone to accomplish. However, it probably was much tougher to break the record and then realise that you were being disqualified. This also meant that all of her efforts were being wasted. Yes, you could roughly guess how she felt at that very moment in time.

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