Come April 20, swimmers in Horsham, England will make a splash in the world’s biggest fundraising swim at Pavilions in the Park. They will be taking on a Swimathon challenge in a combined effort to raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care. The event is set to be held over 3 days, from April 26-28, at more than 600 pools across the United Kingdom.

Thousands of swimmers will be taking part in various challenges, ranging from the 5k, 2.5k and 1.5k individual challenges or Team 5k/1.5k challenges. The purpose is to raise funds to help Marie Curie Nurses care for terminally ill people at the end of their lives. Earlier this month, the entries for Swimathon 2013 were open. Tim Lovejoy, presenter, along with Duncan Goodhew, Swimathon President/Olympic gold medallist, launched the event on January 16 and revealed the Swimathon Squad.

The Squad consisted of Tim, Sportsister Editor Louise Hudson, Marie Curie Cancer Care supporter Sue Barclay, and Swimathon competition winner, Jennifer Sutton. They were all handpicked by Duncan himself. The launch also saw the Squad participate in their first training session ahead of their 5k team challenge, which will occur later this year at London’s Oasis Sports Centre. “Being part of the Swimathon Squad is a fantastic opportunity to brush up on my swimming skills, while raising awareness of Marie Curie Cancer Care. Like many people, my family has been affected by cancer so I know just how important the Marie Curie Nursing service is to people at the end of their lives and their families. I am normally only a recreational swimmer, but when Duncan approached me to take part in the 5k relay as part of the Squad, I couldn’t say no. I hope that we as a Squad will act as an inspiration to swimmers of all abilities and backgrounds,” said Tim.

“It’s going to be a busy few months coaching, and taking part in the Swimathon Squad 5k team challenge. The Squad provides a fantastic opportunity to bring together swimmers of all abilities and demonstrate to the thousands of people taking part in Swimathon every year that anyone can achieve their goal regardless of their ability, while raising funds for Marie Cure Cancer Care as they smash their target,” explained Duncan. For the full story, do read it over here.

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