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Research shows that regular swimming increases oxygen delivery to brain. By having a good time swimming, your child will be able to focus on daily activities and study more efficiently! This is the secret of champion kids.At Happy Fish, we believe that learning to swim should promote lifelong skills and be fun! We love to swim, and our goal is to teach our students to love it too!

Essential Skill

Today, swimming is regarded as an essential skill and is included as part of the national curriculum. One of the most popular sports in the country, it may be executed for recreational purposes, as a competitive activity or for more adventurous purposes such as swimming in open waters.

National SwimSafer Syllabus

Our kids’ swimming lessons kids are designed according to the Singapore Sports Council’s SwimSafer syllabus, starting from Stage 1,2 & 3 to Bronze, Silver and Gold! Each stage is designed to help children in developing graceful swimming skill and life saving skill.

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Learn to Swim Progress Chart

Beginner Level

kids beginner swimming

SwimSafer Stage 1

Students will learn how to enter the water safely and how to be safe in deep water. General safety knowledge alongside learning how to move forward and backward in the water is taught as well. Personal survival skills and the ability to properly enter and exit the pool will be covered here. Read more – SwimSafer Stage 1

Intermediate Level

intermediate kids swimming

SwimSafer Stage 2

Additional skills on how to get into the water and how to perform a surface dive are covered. Sculling, personal safety skills and awareness of where one is in the water will be introduced as well. Students will learn to swim at least 25 metres. Read more – SwimSafer Stage 2

SwimSafer Stage 3

This stage introduce rescue skills alongside water survival skills. Students will enhanced underwater and sculling skills. Handling personal floatation devices will be taught too. During this stage, students will learn how to swim at least 50 metres continuously at this programme. Read more – SwimSafer Stage 3

Advance Level

advance kids swimming

SwimSafer Stage Bronze

Students will learn how to handle stroke techniques and perform coordinated breathing in deep water. This also works with helping to get children to know how to be safe around water craft and how to work with intermediate water survival and rescue skills. The new goal at this point is to swim for a 100 metres continuously. Read more – SwimSafer Bronze

SwimSafer Stage Silver

This part of the process involves learning how to dive into the water and how to handle advanced rescue and survival skills. A vital part of this process involves allowing the child to learn how to handle swimming strokes so that the child can get to the last stage. Read more – SwimSafer Silver

SwimSafer Stage Gold

This is the last stage. Students will learn to perform proper swimming strokes in order to swim for 400 metres continuously. Students will learn how to stay afloat with ease for a longer period of time as well. Also, advanced lifesaving rescue, standing dive and safety skills will be continue be taught. Read more – SwimSafer Gold

Swimming Lessons Information


Choose a location (new classes or existing classes) below to find out class schedule…
 Sat 8.00am Intermediate Ongoing
 Sat 9.00am Advance Ongoing
 Beginner+ Ongoing
 Sat 10.00am Beginner+ Ongoing
 Sat 11.00am Beginner Ongoing
 Sat 3.00pm Intermediate Ongoing
 Sat 4.00pm Advance Ongoing
 Sat 5.00pm Intermediate Ongoing
 Beginner New Class (16 May 2015)
 Sat 6.00pm Beginner Ongoing
 Sun 8.00am Beginner Ongoing
 Sun 9.00am Beginner Ongoing
 Beginner New Class (17 May 2015)
 Sun 10.00am Beginner New Class (5 July 2015)
 Sun 3.00pm Beginner+ Ongoing
 Sun 4.00pm Advance Ongoing
Sun 8.00am Intermediate Ongoing
Sun 9.00am Advance Ongoing
 Beginner Ongoing
Sun 10.00am Advance Ongoing
 Intermediate Ongoing
 Beginner Ongoing
 Sun 9.00am Beginner Ongoing
 Sun 10.00am Beginner+ Ongoing
 Sat 8.00am Beginner Ongoing
 Sat 9.00am Beginner+ Ongoing
 Sat 10.00am Advance Ongoing
 Sat 11.00am Intermediate Ongoing
 Sun 2.30pm Intermediate Ongoing
 Sun 3.30pm Advance Ongoing
 Beginner New Class (3 May 2015)
 Sun 4.30pm Beginner New Class (3 May 2015)
 Sun 5.30pm Beginner Ongoing
 Sat 4.00pm Advance Ongoing
 Sat 5.00pm Beginner+ Ongoing
 Sat 6.00pm Intermediate Ongoing
Sat 7.00pm Beginner New Class (10 Jan 2015)

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45 to 60 minutes per session
  • SGD210 per term

1 term = 12 lessons

Terms and Conditions apply

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Your preferred location
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45 to 60 minutes per session
  • Individual: SGD 240 per month
  • 2 in a group: SGD 270 per month
  • 3 in a group: SGD 300 per month
  • 4 in a group: SGD 330 per month
  • 5 in a group: SGD 360 per month
  • 6 in a group: SGD 390 per month

1 month = 4 lessons

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Optional Advance Program

Open Water SwimSafer

Suitable for triathlon enthusiast. Experience the thrill of swimming in an open water condition and conquer the waves. You will be taught the techniques and skills to swim in open water (sea). Read More – Open Water SwimSafer

Competitive Swimmer

For those who are really into swimming and wish to take part in various swimming competition, this stage emphasizes swimming stroke corrections, swimming speed, stamina and endurance. Special techniques like somersault in water, professional plunging will also be introduced in this stage to reduce the swimming time. Read More – Competitive Swim Training

Life Guard

This program impart you the necessary life saving skill according to Life Saving 1,2,3, Bronze Medallion and etc. Rope throwing, Towing and other rescue technique will be introduced. You will be able to take part in various life saving competiton too! Read More – LifeSaving Course

Platform Diving

Platform diving is a part of swimming and that it helps to bring your techniques to the next level. Anyone who has swimming skills can pick it up and it isn’t just suitable for professionals alone. Hence, we are providing you with this unique opportunity to dive like a pro! Read More – Platform Diving

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