Swimming Lessons For Ladies

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If men can do it, so can the women!

Ladies, here’s the swim lesson specially designed for you, taught by female swim teacher. Anyway, it is better for any woman who is interested in swimming lessons to look into female instructors.

lady swimming lessons
After all, there is the ability for a female instructor to work with a woman’s body in mind. The body of the average woman is radically different from the body of an average man. In fact the body fat that a woman will need to have to be a successful swimmer can actually be twice as much as what a male will need for success in the water. In fact female swimming instructors can offer information on women of all sorts about swimming including women who are pregnant.

When a woman learns about swimming from another woman it will be easier for her to learn how to swim because of how the strokes and patterns in swimming that will be used are ones that can be easier for her body to duplicate.

Our female swimming instructors uses swimming teaching system to ensure your success. Each lesson are designed to offer an individual style program. You can put your fears aside as our highly trained instructors gently ease you in and around the pool at your own pace. Each level has an outline of what can be covered.

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Learn To Swim Progression Chart

Beginner Swimming Lessons

This stage is suitable for students who are new to swimming. The focus of the class is on the basic water skills, basic strokes and deep water orientation. During this stage, you will learn to
* Build up your water confidence
* Basic water skill like float, submerge and breathing technique.
* Swim a basic stroke. Eg, Freestyle or Breaststroke.

Approximate course duration = 1 to 2 terms (12 to 24 lessons)

Intermediate Swimming Lessons

Students will be able to swim at least 200 meters. In this class, you will gain proficiency in the following strokes:
* Freestyle and Breaststroke.
* Threading Water and Diving.

Approximate course duration = 1 to 2 terms (12 to 24 lessons)

Advance Swimming Lessons

Advance stage is where you will swim gracefully for long distance. This is achievable by correcting your swim stroke with body streamline, stamina and endurance training. Students who are at advance level will learn how to perform:
* Backstroke and Butterfly
* Somersault (Flip Turns) and Plunging
* Stroke correction and streamline
* Gain stamina in swimming

Approximate course duration = 1 to 2 terms (12 to 24 lessons)

Happy Fish's Indoor Heated Swimming Pools

The happiest place to learn swimming!

Happy Fish @ Wild Wild Wet

Happy Fish @ Bedok

Happy Fish @ Jurong East

Happy Fish @ Horsecity

Happy Fish @ Bukit Timah

Happy Fish @ Jurong East 2

Happy Fish @ Kota Damansara (Malaysia)

Happy Fish @ Sunway Pyramid (Malaysia)

Happy Fish @ Taman Sea SS23 (Malaysia)

Lesson’s Info

Heartbeat @ Bedok

Schedule Start Date
Monday 7:00 PM 25 Nov
Monday 8:00 PM 14 Oct

Queenstown SC

Schedule Start Date
Wednesday 7:00 PM 20 Nov
Wednesday 8:00 PM 30 Oct

Yio Chu Kang SC

Schedule Start Date
Friday 7:00 PM 13 Dec
Friday 8:00 PM 8 Nov

Toa Payoh SC

Schedule Start Date
Wednesday 7:00 PM 8 Jan
Wednesday 8:00 PM 13 Nov

Happy Fish @ Jurong East (Shaded Heated)

Schedule Start Date
Thursday 7:15 PM 26 Sep
Thursday 8:00PM 7 Nov

Happy Fish @ Bedok (Indoor Heated)

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Class Details


Happy Fish Indoor Heated Pools

  • S$342.40 per term (incl. GST) – Weekdays only
  • Term: 10 + 2 replacement lessons
  • 45 minutes per lesson
  • Group Size: max. 6 students


Happy Fish Shaded Heated Pools

Location: Jurong East

  • Weekday: S$273.92 per term (incl. GST)
  • Weekend: S$342.40 per term (incl. GST)
  • Term: 10 + 2 replacement lessons
  • 45 minutes per lesson
  • Group Size: max. 6 students


Public Swimming Complex

  • Option 1: S$160 for 4 lessons
  • Option 2: S$320 for 8 + 4 lessons
  • Promotion: Bring a friend to enjoy 50% off second participant (applicable to option 2 only)
  • 60 minutes per lesson
  • Group Size: max. 10 students


















Class Policy


  1. Class conducted by female swimming instructor, unless stated otherwise.
  2. The schedule is fixed for 12 consecutive weeks lesson excluding public holidays.
  3. E-Certificate will be provided upon request after completion of 12 weeks course with at least 75% attendance rate.
  4. For Happy Fish outdoor & public pool: There will be no make-up lesson if the pool is closed due to bad weather. However, the instructor will standby to continue the lesson as soon as the pool is deemed safe for swimming. The lesson will be conducted as usual under drizzling rain condition.
  5. Happy Fish reserves the right to postpone the start date if the class does not meet the minimum number of students.
  6. Other general Terms and Conditions apply


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Private Lessons


Our indoor heated pool or your preferred location


Weekdays ONLY (Subject to coach availability)


45 minutes per lesson


1 month = 4 lessons

Private lesson @ Public Pools

  • Individual: S$300.00 per month
  • 2 in a group: S$350.00 per month
  • 3 in a group: S$400.00 per month
  • 4 in a group: S$450.00 per month
  • 5 in a group: S$500.00 per month
  • 6 in a group: S$550.00 per month

Private lesson @ Indoor Pools (Weekdays only) – Inclusive of GST

  • Individual: S$321.00 per month
  • 2 in a group: S$374.50 per month
  • 3 in a group: S$428.00 per month
  • 4 in a group: S$481.50 per month
  • 5 in a group: S$535.00 per month
  • 6 in a group: S$588.50 per month

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Are the ladies’ classes conducted by a female instructor?

Yes, they are conducted by a female instructor and the classes are made up of only female students.

If I'm not able to attend a particular lesson, will there be any make up?

It depends on whether you are going for group or a private swimming lessons. There will be no make up for group class, but not to worry as the instructor will revise what you have missed. As for private class, you are required to inform your instructor at least 6 hours in advance should you wish to postpone your lesson. ALL students are required to complete 4 lessons in a month.

Are your lady swimming instructors certified and proficient in handling ladies?

Our lady swimming instructors conducting lady classes are fully qualified with the relevant certifications from the Singapore Sports Council and the Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association. They are trained and experienced in conducting swimming lessons for ladies.

Is there any trial class available?

You are welcome to register for one month lessons prior to register a package. You may refer to Lady Swimming Lessons for more information. We are sorry that we do not offer single trial class at the moment.

I am Asthmatic, Am I suitable to learn swimming?

We highly recommend a doctor’s opinion to be sought first as there are varying degrees of Asthma.

I couldn't find my answer.

Please email your enquiries to admin@swimminglessons.com.sg, we will be in touch with you soon. Alternatively, you can also give us a call at 6589-8650, Mondays-Sundays, 9am-6pm.

Optional Advance Program

Competitive Swimmer

For those who are really into swimming and wish to take part in various swimming competition, this stage emphasizes swimming stroke corrections, swimming speed, stamina and endurance. Special techniques like somersault in water, professional plunging will also be introduced in this stage to reduce the swimming time.

Read more – Competitive Swim Training

Life Guard

This program impart you the necessary life saving skill according to Life Saving 1,2,3, Bronze Medallion and etc. Rope throwing, Towing and other rescue technique will be introduced. You will be able to take part in various life saving competiton too!

Read more – LifeSaving Course

Swimming Instructor

If you love swimming, we encourage you to teach others to love it too. This program will impart swimming teaching skills to prepare you for NCAP Theory and Technical Course. Upon completion of the course, you will be invited to join Happy Fish as a swimming instructor.